Corporate Investigations

The Corporate and Financial Investigative Group of SVA has deep experience in conducting corporate and financial investigations on behalf of corporations, financial institutions, law firms and governments.

Both global corporations and domestic companies face the challenge of dealing with internal misconduct. The uncomfortable truth is that a significant percentage of a company’s overall risk can emanate from within its own workforce. Balancing the demands of shareholders, employees and legal compliance, when dealing with such issues often finds management unprepared. SVA’s experienced consultants work closely with clients to reduce risk, to minimise impact and financial loss and to help a business recover quickly.

SVA brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Asian business environment to bear, supporting our clients by decisively responding to their problems. We offer a range of bespoke corporate investigative services:

Internal Investigations

Issues, incidents and events arise in the workplace requiring swift and effective response from management. An investigation that is independent, prompt, fair and impartial mitigates risk and protects your business. On the other hand, the lack of a prompt investigation, an ineffective investigation or even the perception of a "white wash" can have significant consequences such as financial liability, reputational damage, negative impact on employee morale or staff relations, lawsuits and the lost opportunity to manage a minor problem before it escalates into a major crisis.

We approach every investigation without any pre-conceived bias. Our breadth of experience affords a practical understanding of the workplace across a broad spectrum of industries in multiple languages and cultures.

Conflict of Interest Investigations

When a company is faced with allegations of a conflict of interest, be these internal or external, SVA can provide discreet fact gathering support in a legal, ethical and timely manner. Typically these services involve both electronic and hard copy data gathering as well as internal and external interviews. This information is collated and presented to the client so that practical and strategic business decisions can be taken regarding the individual(s) and any risk to the corporation or its reputation.

Alleged Unfair Dismissal or Harassment Investigations

Safety and security in the workplace is a precursor for a cohesive and effective workforce. Allegations of any form of harassment or unfair dismissal must be handled promptly and with sensitivity. Such investigations should be conducted by an independent party with the support of all involved. Sexual harassment allegations for example, require a sensitive yet firm approach.

SVA’s experienced investigators have the requisite skills, local knowledge, languages and cultural sensitivity to collect, collate, report and advice on the facts so that appropriate management decisions can be made.

Whistle-Blower Investigations

In an increasingly litigious world companies are vulnerable to inappropriate action or behaviour by employees. Where such actions are brought to the attention of management through “whistle-blowers”, a specific reaction is often mandated. A prompt, independent and robust response to such allegations sends a powerful message to employees, customers, regulators, shareholders and investors.

Such investigations can be complex, requiring independence, impartiality, objectivity and procedural fairness. SVA’s team draws on a wide experience of ethics and misconduct investigations across industries and cultures. We deliver the facts for management to make the necessary decisions to act on.

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